Microsoft Azure image versioning

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Microsoft Azure cloud platform has specific requirements for image version strings. Image versions must consist of three groups of up to ten digits digits separated by dots (\d{1,10}\.\d{1,10}\.\d{1,10}).

That requirement means that we cannot use our usual image version conventions such as 1.3.0-epa1 (early production access) or 1.3.0-S1 (security hotfix).

For this reason we use a custom convention on that platform: {major}.{minor}.{patch}{release type}{YYMMDD}{build number}.

For example, consider this version number: 1.3.302306200. Let's write it 1.3.3(0)(230620)(0) to show its components. It consists of the following parts:

  • 1.3.3 — release version;
  • 0 — release type (normal release);
  • 230620 — build date (2023-06-20);
  • 0 — build number (in case there are multiple builds made in the same day)

The release type component can have the following values:

  • 0 — normal LTS release.
  • 1 — security hotfit (S*)
  • 2 — early production access (epa*)
  • 3 — development build.

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